Participating in a CamWHO event involves immersing yourself into the WHO simulation, attending lectures and workshops, and enjoying your time in Cambridge throughout the social programme. All the while, you’ll be meeting like-minded people from across the world, eager to engage on contemporary topics of relevance to the WHO’s activities and interests. 

The simulation


The simulation is based around regional meetings, plenary sessions and lobbying. The aim of these components may vary slightly depending on the role of a delegate. However, generally, your objective as a delegate is to ensure that the interests and views you represent are heard and come to be represented in the decisions of fellow delegates.

Lectures & workshops


In addition to the simulation, CamWHO features international lectures and training. Lectures are provided by a variety of academics or practitioners and seek to deliver high-level and interesting insights on the theme that will provide additional lines of consideration for the simulation components.

Moreover, workshops focus on various global health diplomacy skills and equip participants with the tools required to get the most out of the simulation and provide a maximal outcome of the experience.