Theme Guide 2021

To help prepare you for the conference, we put together a theme guide which explores environmental determinants of health and their social, economical and medical implications. Key areas discussed in the guide include:

  • Food security

  • Urban environment

  • Diseases

  • Environmental pollution

  • Resilient healthcare systems

  • Social inequities


We expect all delegates to read this guide as an introduction into the conference theme, as well as to be inspired for position papers, debates, and resolutions.

Online Resources

To further improve your understanding of the topic, find below some useful resources:

Information from the United Nations

UNEP - Health & Environment Fact Sheet

WHO - Health Inequalities and Envrionmental Determinants of Health

WHO - Health & Climate Change

Publications & Initiatives

The Lancet - Countdown on Health & Climate Change


CDC - Climate Effects on Health


Spotlight Food Security


What is food security?

WHO - State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World
This 2018 report was jointly produced by FAO, WFP, IFAD, UNICEF and WHO. It looked at recent trends and the impact of the climate.

World Food Summit – The Right To Food
This document was produced via the World Food Summit on food security and the environment. A key take-home message was the dwindling amount of arable land per person that can be sustainability used – due to population rise, poor farming practices, urbanisation, changing diets (relates to wealth on average increasing per person), and climate change.

The Global Food Security Index
The GFSI was the first index to thoroughly examine food security globally, and it considers affordability, availability, quality, and natural resources and resilience.

Informed Opinion Pieces

All of the authors below have a bias, and some have a heavily vested interest in the formulation and implementation of policy surrounding food security. It would be useful for delegates to examine how an organisation or individual with a bias presents data on food security for the own objectives.

Yale environment review

This educated opinion looks at the relationship between food security and sustainability.

World Economic Forum – Food Security and Why it Matters

This piece looks towards the future global challenge of feeding 9 billion people and achieving the 17 SDGs by 2030.


Vet Times – Animal Welfare and Food Security

From a veterinary perspective, this examines the relationship between food security (the global demand for meat) and animal welfare.